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Tremadone Reviews

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"This saved my job"

"I work in at a elementary school in Missouri and this saved my job. Part of my curriculum is teaching my students to write in cursive. Over the last few months my tremors have prevented me from writing legibly on the board. I was in a total panic trying to figure out how I would effectively teach them to write in cursive when I wasn't even able anymore. Within three days of taking the supplement, my tremors were manageable to the point where I could write on the board for an hour or two at a time. Now after two months, my handwriting has returned to its former glory and I'm proud to report that my kids have received a quality education on cursive. Thank you all!"
Jen knox

"To my total surprise I began seeing results in the first two weeks"

"I'm the lead organizer of a local ET support group here in Florida. We have have had neurologists, health writers, alternative health therapists, etc. come talk to the group on a number of occasions. Unfortunately, they have really only offered limited relief.

One of our newer members brought your supplement in to a meeting about a month ago and shared the progress she had had taking it for only a week. We were skeptical of course, but I decided to drop the money and give it a try. I figured I would take advantage of the return policy if it didn't work.

To my total surprise I began seeing results in the first two weeks. Now into my third week, I have decided I'm going to share my success with the entire group. You will probably be hearing more from me. Thanks so much. I'm so excited to share something that actually works for a change."

"I feel 10 years younger"

"I live in Omaha and for about 10 years I've battled ET. For a long time, I thought that I simply wasn't getting enough protein. I changed my diet and started carrying a peanut butter sandwhich in my purse when I went to work or I went out with friends on weekends, and whenever my tremors started acting up, I'd pull it out and eat. I tried this for weeks, but the tremors continued. I thought I had low blood sugar, that some of the meds I was taking were causing tremors or that I needed to work out more. Finally I broke down and scheduled an appointment with a neurologist. I hate doctors and only go for the occassional checkup so this was a big step for me. He said that the tremors were definitely ET. I had never heard of it and he prescribed Propranolol. I started getting these slight cluster headaches and had to get off it. He told me that there wasn't much else that could be done.

And then, with perfect timing, I found your site while searching on AOL one day. For the first week, the supplement didn't do that much and I began to lose hope. But after two weeks following the download diet plan and taking the supplement I began to see really good results. No more shaking in the morning or throughout the day. I feel 10 years younger. Plus I really like the foods in the diet. Thanks so much for doing this. God bless you."
Caroline Murphy
Omaha, Nebraska

"My only regret is that I didn't find your program sooner!"

"It seems like it's been a very long journey for me and my husband. I started noticing tremors when my handwriting became really poor two years ago. It quickly went from bad to worse to the point where I would only type. Finding your site has been a great relief for me and my husband (he's been so helpless, but has suggested all kinds of things anyway). My only regret is that I didn't find your program sooner!"
M. Donnelley
Bakersfield, California

"Thank you for creating the Tremadone supplement"

"I just wanted to write in real briefly and thank you for creating the Tremadone supplement. I had tried a few other supplements online and was really disappointed with the results and the jaw-dropping prices they were charging. It's great to find an honest solution for such an annoying problem. Au revoir from Canada!"
John C.
Montreal, Canada

"I love how easy it is"

"I was intimidated by the diet and skeptical of the pills, but I had tried everything and was willing to do anything to stop my tremors. Your site was spot on when it said that it was easy. The diet fit right into my regular one and all I had to do was take the pills twice a day. I started seeing results on day 1. 3 weeks in and I'm never looking back. I love how easy it is."

"I didn't think I'd ever find relief"

"It's been a long journey finding your supplement. To be honest I didn't think I'd ever find relief. I have suffered with familial tremors since I was in college and they have only gotten worse over the years. My mom, aunt and great uncle all suffered with tremors their whole lives and were devastated when they realized I had inherited the 'dreaded' genes. I have tried most of the things my neurologist has suggested and many of the things that other people on your site have tried.

I gave up hope after going on Buspar upon my doctor's orders. I immediately began to experience these terrible cluster headaches in the back of my head. I grew tired of the whole 'cure' thing and decided I would just deal with the fact that I have tremors.

And then a friend bought me a subscription to your program for my birthday. It was a nice gesture but I tried to respectfully decline anyway. Next thing I knew a bottle of Tremadone arrived. I let it sit idle for a few days, but then gave into my interest. Without much hope, I tried it for one week.

I kept a handwriting diary to watch my progress. I began to see small improvements. My steadiness seemed to be improving. Now after 3 weeks I'm cautiously optimistic. My handwriting keeps getting better. I'm not shaking as much when I bring cups and silverware to my mouth. And because of these improvements my anxiety surrounding the whole thing has been greatly reduced. I'm feeling really good. I will keep you updated on my progress. Thanks for your well thought out work."

"I am tremor free"

"Just wanted to write and say thanks. I am tremor free after 2 months. God bless."
Rich C.
Fargo, North Dakota

"RE: Tremor-Free Diet"

"The infomation provided in your eBook is easy to follow but also scientific, which I was pleased to see. The logic is sound and I was excited to see the inclusion of your own research. This is the best resource for ET that I have come across to date."
Erin Elton

"It worked for my mother"

"My mother's neurologist diagnosed her with essential tremor last year and since then I have been reading, digging and researching for something that can bring relief or at least delay the effects. She has been through the whole gamut of pills and she has tried acupuncture, different kinds of massages that are supposed to relax the nervous system, diets and more.

Your supplement is the first thing she has tried that has provided any relief. In just two weeks she reversed to over a year of shaking. It was incredible. It worked for my mom and I would like you tell other sufferers from me that it is definitely worth trying. Though I have never suffered through tremors, I have become very familiar with them while taking care of my mother. It was incredible to watch her progress in such a short time. Also, I would definitely encourage people to use the diet as well. We found that it definitely sped up the relief. Thanks so much for me and my mother."
Stan Michaels
Plano, Texas

"Some results"

"Although my tremors have been reduced, I'm still hoping for more results. Overall a good purchase.
North Carolina

"Worked as described"

"I have been taking Tremadone for 1 month and it has worked as described. Thank you."
Leah M.

"Very excited to begin!"

"A friend in my local Essential Tremor support group here in Houston recommended your product. I just ordered it and am very excited to begin!"
— anonymous
Houston, Texas

"Thank goodness I found your site"

"I tried many drugs suggested by my doctor but none of them really did anything. My doctor then said that because the tremors were not life threatening I should do my best to ignore them and live with them. That was not the answer I was looking for. Clearly he hasn't struggled with tremors before!

Thanks goodness I found your site. I'm feeling better already and it has only been 2 weeks! Oh yeah, thanks for the recipes too!"
— Michelle M.

"The ebook was a great bonus!"

"The ebook was a great bonus! It was well researched and definitely sped up the results. You need to come out with a cook book too!"
— Mark Kerry

"I would recommend this to older folks struggling to handle every day tasks because of shaky hands"

"I cant believe my luck! I have suffered with hand tremors for nearly 2 decades. In the beginning it impacted my handwriting and made it a little difficult to carry drinks from place to place, but over the last few years it began to really impact my day to day life. My kids became seriously worried after my husband Ron passed a last March. They did not think I would be able to perform my daily tasks on my own. They even suggested moving me out of our house of 23 years and into a retirement community. I detest the idea and so assured my kids that I would be just fine on my own. Deep down I knew I was delaying the inevitable though.

That is until I found your site searching AOL one day. I dont usually trust websites online, but decided to give yours a chance. Thank goodness I did. The purchase was easy and I had the supplement at my doorstep in less than a week.

The results have been truly wonderful. I would recommend this to older folks struggling to handle every day tasks because of shaking hands. Thank you folks so very much."
— Michelle
Germantown, Maryland

"I have suffered with tremors since I was 17"

"I have suffered with tremors since I was 17. That is almost 50 years. I had long given up finding a solution until my grandson purchased your monthly program for me on my birthday. Though I don't usually use supplements or pills of any sort, I decided I would do it in his honor. To my absolutely astonishment I began to see a marked reduction in my tremors in the first week. I couldn't believe it. After a month, I began receiving comments from friends and family who had known me 'Shaky Marsha' for years. I'm so thankful that my grandson passed on this wonderful gift. Thank you for your hard work and I will be sure to recommend Tremadone to anyone I meet who has tremors."
— Marsha Rogers
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

"THAT was a breeze!"

"THAT was a breeze! After taking your supplement for 3 months I have no visible signs of the ET that has plagued me. My neurologist was astounded by the results.

I took the pill two times a day, once after breakfast, once after dinner and that was it. I began seeing small improvements on day 1 and major improvements after a week. Now 3 months in, I can't even remember what it is like to have tremors. Amazing work you guys have done."
— L.M.

"Overall I'm Happy, but..."

"Unlike a lot of the people I have talked to, my tremors came out of the blue and have rapidly increased. It freaked me out. I have seen my neurologist, but he thinks that beta blockers he usually prescribes for tremors would have negative effects on other medications I'm taking.

I've been taking your supplement for 3 weeks and have seen improvement. However, my tremors haven't been completely eliminated. Overall I'm happy, and I'm looking forward to more results in the near future."
Gene Ricketts
Calgary, Canada

"Great to finally find a remedy that lives up to the hype."

"I just wanted to pass on a quick thank you note. My familial tremors have stopped completely thanks to your product Tremadone. My husband and I are eternally grateful for the work and research you have done and we look forward to passing on the word. Great to finally find a remedy that lives up to the hype."
— Georgia R.
Lansing, Michigan

"My hands are under control and I have started working back at the job I love"

"ET forced me to retire early from my job as a barista. I had worked at the same coffee shop for nearly 15 years, but I could no longer serve and pour coffee because of my tremors.

Tremadone has completely changed that. My hands are under control and I have started working back at the job I love. It is so difficult to express thanks in an internet email, but you guys really have helped my life. I can only hope that other people with ET find your product and see the same benefits I continue to see."
— Christopher Manici

"I no longer have to worry about the tremors"

"Looks like you guys have already received lots of praise, but I just wanted to add one more thank you to the list. I have suffered from a variety of health problems over the last few years stemming from a pretty bad car accident. Injured back, misplaced disk in my back and bad migraines to name a few. When I turned 62 I also began to notice what my doctor later described as involuntary tremors.

Though I still suffer from most of these things, I no longer have to worry about the tremors, which has made a huge difference on my quality of life. I cannot thank the folks at Tremadone enough.

I firmly believe that when a company does good the good will be returned. Thank you for being one of the good guys."
— Alex Murphy
Boston, Massachusetts

"My Grandma has looked and felt so much better"

"My Grandma has looked and felt so much better in recent times. Thank you very much."
— Trevor

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